An ever-expanding expanding body of research is revealing the role of the microbiome in supporting digestive...
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Consumer interest in the role of nutrition in overall health is expanding, with 68% of people...
10 facts about formulating foods and beverages with probiotics
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In the past decade, probiotics have gone from obscure ingredient to a top trend in the food and beverage industry
Package of yum butter
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There’s a lot more going on in today’s nut butter aisle than peanuts. You’ve got spreads...
The new meaning of a convenient breakfast
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The Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey found that 88% of those polled
Dip into this fast growing snack segment
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Smart manufacturers are rolling out creative, tasty and healthy products to satisfy Americans’ snack tooth.
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Mariani Packing Company is a leader in the global dried fruit market.   Their consumer focus, industry...
How to make truly probiotic yogurt
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Consumption of the fermented milk product is up an astounding 400 percent from 30 years ago
Bottle of Suja Probiotic Beverage
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Ask anyone in today’s beverage space what company is killing it and the answer will likely...
Profiting form the protein market
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Three segments are greatly benefiting from the growing probiotic market.
Container Melt Probiotic
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With today’s consumer demanding alternatives to traditional dairy products and hydrogenated fats, it’s no surprise that...
The quickly evolving pet food market
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The nation’s pet-food sales have nearly doubled since 2000 to more than $22 billion last year,