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Innovating the Meal Replacement Category

Simon Dew moved from Australia to Japan 20 years ago for the leading food culture. However, in countries across the world, including Japan, he noticed a rise in health problems stemming from food and diet. The trend among manufacturers was to develop processed foods based on convenience over human health, leading to weakened immune and digestive systems.

73% of global consumers consider food and drink products fortified with added nutrients appealing.

The Power of Probiotics

Japan holds the distinction of being the country of origin for probiotics, having first brought the beneficial bacteria to market in 1930. So it’s no surprise that Asia remains the largest market for probiotic foods and beverages – the market is expected to grow at a 8.5% CAGR in the region through 2022. For this reason, Choice decided to incorporate probiotics into their new product development efforts. “We saw a market opportunity for meal replacements and protein products, along with an increased demand for probiotics because they are well known for their health benefits,” said Dew.

The result was an innovative protein meal replacement powder with the added benefit of probiotics. KetoPROTEIN is primarily geared at athletes and gym enthusiasts, but its greatest feature is its versatility, as it may be consumed by those looking for a meal replacement, or by those looking to avoid carbohydrates, add protein to their diet, or simply support their diet with balanced nutrition. The product supports health and physical development as a post-workout drink, a busy breakfast beverage and a snack between meals. KetoPROTEIN is part of a suite of powder products from Choice targeted toward protein intake and aligned to support performance, training and healthy aging.

“Today, nutritional deficiency due to lifestyle habits has been pointed out as the primary cause of loss of health.” said Mr. Dew, CEO of Choice. “Eating is an act that directly relates to your future. Thinking so, I set up a company called Choice here in Japan and our mission is to foster the health of people through high-quality supplements full of nutrients that contribute to maintaining good health.”

Science-supported Benefits

The product formulation includes BC30™ (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), a  spore-forming probiotic. “The probiotic strain immediately stood out from other probiotic strains on the market”, said Mr. Dew, “because it is well-researched for its digestive and immune health benefits, its viability through processing, and excellent stability and shelf-life attributes.”

Its many health benefits are critical differences that set apart BC30 from other probiotics on the market. Perhaps most compelling of all is the published research that shows BC30 can uniquely assist athletes and gym enthusiasts with the benefits of enhancing protein utilization. “The BC30 team from Kerry showed us the detailed research studies supporting the benefits of BC30 and we knew that this unique probiotic was clearly the best fit for our product,” said Mr. Dew.


Asia’s population aged 60 and older is projected to increase by more than a quarter—or 1.3 billion—by 2050, presenting a large opportunity for probiotics in food, beverages and supplements.




Everything used in the KetoPROTEIN product is a premium offering. The low-carb meal replacement product features grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand, medium-chain triglycerides, the omega-rich chia seed flower that serves as a taste and texture accent and the science-backed, branded probiotic, BC30. KetoPROTEIN is available in a variety of flavors including strawberry, double cocoa, organic matcha and cocoa coconut. The product is promoted and marketed to consumers through social media and ads in magazines.



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