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Consumers of both traditional and alternative dairy share a growing focus on wellness. Formulating both traditional and alternative dairy products with probiotics can help add the benefits consumers expect...
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Consumers’ quest for healthier options in both dairy and dairy alternatives creates new demand for more products with probiotic benefits.
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In today’s world, probiotics are becoming a mainstream part of everyday health. Kerry’s 2019 global study...
Coffee and Tea
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With a long history of being the beverages of choice around the world, both coffee and...
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More than half of all consumers around the world say they use probiotics to help support their health…
An ever-expanding expanding body of research is revealing the role of the microbiome in supporting digestive...
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Consumer interest in the role of nutrition in overall health is expanding, with 68% of people...
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As awareness of the role of the gut microbiome in overall wellness grows, consumers seek research-backed products that support it.
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Meal kits—from their origin over a decade ago to their resonance today with young urbanites and...
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As we continue to learn more about how gut health can help support our overall health,...
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As consumers search for ways to improve their overall health, research increasingly shows that immunity begins...
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Demand is growing for functional ingredients, particularly those that can support digestive health, which is a concern for 71% of global consumers. Because research has found immune health may be rooted...