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Pairing Granola with Probiotics for Pure Success

Boulder, Colorado-based Purely Elizabeth brings excitement and innovation to the granola category with its blend of healthy gluten-free ancient grains, unique ingredients and cool corporate mission.  It’s no surprise that such a cutting-edge company would launch a probiotic granola.

“Our goal at Purely Elizabeth is to create innovative and nutrient-rich products while staying ahead of the curve,” says Elizabeth Stein, the company’s founder. “We saw a growing market in probiotics and a need for more easy and delicious ways to eat them. We knew that our fans would love the added benefits.”

The company launched its probiotic Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Walnut Probiotic Granolas in March of 2016. “Our new Probiotic Granola is made from the same base recipe as our Ancient Grain Granola,” Stein says.  “We just created two delicious new flavors and added the probiotics.  We have found that our consumers are very interested in gut health and aware of its importance in conjunction with one’s overall health. Consumers are appreciative of a tasty way to get in their daily dose of probiotics.”

“Our health-conscious, core consumers really like the option to eat their probiotics vs taking a supplement.”
- Elizabeth Stein, Purely Elizabeth Founder

Why BC30™?

“BC30™ probiotic (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) comes with a large set of research that supports their probiotic claims,” Stein explains.  Unlike many other probiotics, BC30 can survive the baking process and is highly stable through shelf life and stomach acid. The team provided research, advice and marketing support from day one. They continue to be a great resource to us today as the true probiotic experts.”


Probiotic Granola Package of Purely Elizabeth Granola

Available at retailers nationwide, the probiotic products have been well received by both consumers and retailers, according to Stein.  “Our health-conscious, core consumers really like the option to eat their probiotics versus taking a supplement. We offered a solution to them in the form of a delicious, salty-sweet granola. The flavors are also two of our most delicious, so the product resonates with anyone desiring a tasty breakfast!”

The probiotic granolas were a unique line extension for Purely Elizabeth and very unique to the category. “We think that it’s truly due to the combination of flavor + probiotic benefits,” says Stein. “Consumers today are interested in foods that combine great taste with functional benefits.”

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