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Probiotics Every Day?

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Fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin D are stored in the fat cells and are not urinated out daily, meaning you can skip a day or two, and the nutrients will still be working their way through the body. With probiotics, the bacteria need to be continually replenished throughout the gastrointestinal tract, because only some of them adhere to the intestinal wall’s epithelial lining, where they confer their benefits. Probiotic bacteria also help the body digest food and absorb nutrients.

Probiotics Are More Beneficial If Consumed Daily

The opportunity for product developers lies in integrating stable, efficacious probiotic strains into products consumers enjoy every day. With the multitude of probiotic strains available, manufacturers should choose science-backed ingredients that are well-positioned and can be efficiently formulated.

GanedenBC30® Can be Formulated Into Almost any Food or Beverage

GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) is well-studied and safe for daily consumption. Research supports this probiotic’s efficacy, so it is a quality ingredient consumers can trust and feel good about consuming daily. It is certified Kosher, Halal,  allergen free, and available in Non-GMO Project Verified ,allowing manufacturers to provide consumers with products that were previously unavailable: everyday foods and beverages, including those that are organic and vegan, containing a safe and effective probiotic.


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