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With a naturally-protective outer layer, GanedenBC30 can survive most processing conditions and the path to the gut allowing it to provide the benefits your consumers want.
Besunyen Probiotic Beverage
Case Study
Besunyen Holdings Company Ltd. Is a leading herbal tea manufacturer in China. Leading with the value...
Man drinking coffee
Demand for foods and beverages with digestive health benefits is growing beyond yogurt.
infographic The most popular snacks around the world
More consumers are reaching for more snacks, more often.
Nutrition gets personal
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Now, more than ever, there is a growing emphasis among consumers for diversity and personalization of products.
Beverages with benefits
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The beverage category is rapidly evolving with functional beverages predicted to emerge as the fastest growing
Infographic Top applications for probiotics in functional beverages
The functional beverage category is one of the fastest growing sub-segments
10 facts about formulating foods and beverages with probiotics
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In the past decade, probiotics have gone from obscure ingredient to a top trend in the food and beverage industry
Bottle of jus cold brew coffee
Case Study
Like so many successful healthy food and beverage companies, Jus by Julie got its start in...
Probiotics - key facts to know
Probiotics continue to gain traction in the functional foods and beverage market,
A global look at the digestive health and probiotic market
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The global probiotics market is projected to grow to $64 billion at a CAGR of 7%