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With the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ever present, self-care is an important way to...
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The restaurant and food service industry tops $660 billion in the United States alone.[1] Globally, the...
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Research shows consumers are interested in food and beverages with digestive health benefits, yet in the US, probiotics appear on only .5% of menus.
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The global growth of the probiotics market and digestive health products market is being shaped by...
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Join John Quilter, VP and General Manager with GanedenBC30®, for a Q&A on the state of the industry, and emerging trends.
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With a naturally-protective outer layer, GanedenBC30 can survive most processing conditions and the path to the gut allowing it to provide the benefits your consumers want.
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New Kerry global research shows growing interest in digestive health. But consumers are interested in more than just their digestive health.
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Over the past five years, the number of internet searches for “Gut Health” has grown by 669%.
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Beyond the myth that probiotics need refrigeration, formulation concerns have caused manufacturers to take pause when...
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85% of global consumers want products that deliver digestive health benefits in their everyday foods and beverages
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Demand for foods and beverages with digestive health benefits is growing beyond yogurt.